Wondering about car insurance? Go Big!

If you’re trying to save money on car insurance, we advise you to “go big!” Many companies offer flashy insurance rate discounts but faced with a choice, would you rather get the advertised 5% deduction for a spotless driving record or a 50% discount based entirely on the company you chose? Three Rate Inducing Factors [...]

Can better cars make us worse drivers?

Driving down a road can give a relaxing feeling. However, operating a vehicle does carry responsibility. Car-related danger occurs when safer benefits do not outweigh risks. Many people are worried about their safety when driving. They demand safer cars for themselves. For instance, a major head injury suffered in a car accident can lead to [...]

Business Insurance – When Is It Helpful

If you are a business owner who uses a personal vehicle for both work and play you should be aware of the significant differences between personal and business vehicle insurance. For instance, if you are the sole driver of the vehicle most insurance companies will recommend that you maintain only personal insurance. If you use [...]

GAP Insurance – Learning More

Guaranteed Auto Protection or GAP insurance is essential when it comes to pending and unsettled auto loan. During the first few years, the car that you acquired is considered as brand new, but then a good amount of the loan is already due. In this case, if the vehicle is damaged or lost, its net [...]

Car Insurance for Women

In many cases in the past, women had often suffered various disadvantages especially when it comes to men-against-women issues. Fortunately, these days, there are just myriad reasons to be thankful about being a woman who wants to drive her own car. This is especially true in the case of car insurance rates. Compared to men, [...]

Switching Car Insurance Companies – The Right Way

There are many reasons why you may want to switch car insurance providers. Buying a new car. Moving to a different state. Found a better deal. Or even getting married. Still, for many people changing insurance companies seems like a difficult process. Some even describe it as a time consuming nightmare. Is it really that [...]

Collision Coverage – What Does It Cover?

Even though often conflated with comprehensive insurance coverage, collision insurance is a separate component of your auto policy with specific coverage and its own insurance deductibles. If you happen to have an car accident for which you tend to be at fault, collision coverage will cover the repair service or replacement of your vehicle, up [...]

Three ways to save money on property insurance in the state of Texas

Having your own place to call ‘home’ does have its benefits, but they come at a certain price. In case you are unsatisfied with that price at present, you could save some money by cutting down what you spend on home insurance in Texas. And the great news is you have a variety of ways [...]