Florida No Fault Insurance

You won’t be held liable for bodily injuries if you cause a car accident in Florida. The reason is because you live in a no fault state. Some states created no fault laws so that lawsuits between a driver who caused an accident and the people this person injured will not happen as often. For this reason, Florida no fault insurance is necessary.

What is No Fault Insurance?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is what you must purchase to pay for your own medical bills. Because you aren’t allowed to sue another driver for your medical payments, you must purchase insurance that will make it possible for you to meet all of your own expenses.

After an auto accident, each policyholder files a claim with their insurance companies. Their own PIP insurance coverage pays their medical bills for doctor’s visits, hospitalizations or funeral expenses. It will also pay for rehabilitation and pays lost wages if the accident victim cannot work.

Who Is Covered Under the PIP Policy?

The people covered under the policy are you, your passengers and family members and anyone given permission to drive your vehicle. You and your family members will also be covered when you are riding in another vehicle that has been hit by someone.

The Requirements for PIP insurance

No fault insurance Florida has been set by the state and every driver in Florida needs to have $10,000 of PIP insurance.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability coverage is what drivers must purchase in tort states, states where people are allowed to sue each other. This coverage will pay for the medical bills or funeral expenses for the people hurt in an accident that an at fault driver has caused. Unlike PIP insurance, bodily injury liability is for third party injuries.

Because Florida is not a completely no fault state, times exist when you can sue each other and bodily injury liability coverage will be needed. In Florida, even though you aren’t required to purchase it, they have set the limit at $10,000 for one person’s medical bills and $20,000 for at least two people’s bills.

Property Damage Liability

Property damages are subject to the tort system in Florida which means that you can sue the driver who caused the accident for your vehicle repair bills. Florida requires that their drivers have $10,000 for property damage liability.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

The limits for no fault insurance Florida are often not enough to cover all the expenses that need to be addressed when car crashes happen, and you may need to purchase more insurance. This raises the price of auto insurance, but you can compare quotes from multiple insurance companies for free to find the lowest quote. It saves time because you don’t have to call insurance company after insurance company for the quotes that can be returned to you from our comparison website in a matter of minutes.