Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Wondering if full coverage car insurance is worth adding to your policy? Not sure exactly what it is or how much more you will have to pay a year? We will try to answer these questions for you. Once you are armed with the required knowledge and tools, you can make an educated decision and find the right deal, which could save you hundreds of dollars.

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What is full coverage auto insurance?

The term full coverage car insurance is used in the insurance industry to describe a policy, which includes liability insurance, collision and comprehensive coverages. In order to understand what full coverage auto insurance is, you need to be familiar with these 3 different types of coverage.

  • liability insurance – each state has its own auto insurance regulations, but in most cases some form of liability insurance is required by law. It consists of 2 parts – bodily injury liability and property damage liability. It is a good idea to double check what are the minimum required liability limits, if you haven’t done so already. Another important thing to remember is that liability coverage only protects other people and their property, not you and your vehicle.
  • collision coverage – if you cause a crash and you are at fault, you need collision coverage, if you don’t want to pay all the repair costs of your vehicle yourself. Again, the amount your policy will pay will have limits and there is a minimum deductible amount, which you will have to pay yourself. When purchasing your policy, choose your deductible wisely. The higher the amount, the cheaper the policy, but never select a deductible you can not afford to comfortably pay.
  • comprehensive coverage – imagine that your car gets vandalized, stolen or even damaged by fire. Your liability only auto insurance policy won’t cover you at all. If you want your policy to pay for damages caused by anything, but a crash, you need to purchase comprehensive coverage. The limits and deductible of your policy are again taken into account, when you make a claim.

As you can see, having full coverage auto insurance provides you with adequate protection and a peace of mind. The only other coverage which insurance specialist recommend is uninsured motorist or medical payments coverage.

How much does full coverage costs?

That will depend on many factors. The type of coverage, policy limits and deductible are only a small part of the equation. Your driving record, age, experience, credit score, occupation, place of residency, annual mileage and gender are among the other factors, taken into consideration by insurance companies when rates are calculated. Since auto insurance is such a personal thing, no two people, even in similar circumstances, pay the same amount.

Most insurance providers use their own formulas and offer different types of discounts to new customers. In order to find out exactly how much will full coverage auto insurance cost you, you need to compare quotes from a number of insurance companies. Receiving between 3 and 5 quotes will give you enough information, and enable you to make the right decision. Before signing on the dotted line, however, do a little bit of research on the insurance company you are considering. Most insurers have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and there are a number of forums online, where customers post reviews and their personal experiences.

The good news about comparing quotes is that you don’t have to wasted time going to the local insurance agents office or making phone calls to different companies. You can do it all online – saving yourself a lot of effort and possible hundreds of dollars too. You may be absolutely amazed by the different in rates offered by some of the insurers.

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