Hawaii No Fault Insurance

Hawaii No Fault Insurance describes state insurance that pay benefits to policyholders, and even their passengers. This is regardless of the individual responsible for the auto accident. Likewise called personal injury protection, no fault insurance limits premiums even as it reduces expensive litigation. It works by giving immediate payments to individuals involved in an auto accident. Drivers insured by PIP are limited from obtaining losses caused by the other party in a court. If you sustain any injury from an auto accident involving a PIP-insured driver, you can expect your lost wages, hospital bills, and rehabilitation expenses to be covered with the insurer of the policyholder. This means the elimination of lawsuits that might arise because of suffering and pain, and as well as emotional distress brought about by the car accident.

Hawaii Auto PIP and Property Damage Insurance Requirements

Hawaii is known to possess the lowest liability limits in the country, which is why auto insurance rates in the state are more affordable than that of the national average. However, the usual advice is for you, as a prospective policyholder, to carry insurance way above the minimum requirements. Likewise, in this state, uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance coverage will be provided to you, if you request an auto insurance quote. However, such coverage is known to be optional, and therefore, not required by law.

The following are the Minimum auto insurance liability limits in the State of Hawaii

  • $20,000 for any injury or death to an individual
  • $40,000 for any injury or death if more than one individual is involved
  • $10,000 for any damage or destruction to property
  • $10,000 for PIP or Personal injury protection

Penalties for Driving without Insurance in Hawaii

Normally, driving without any insurance in the State of Hawaii may result in heavy fines, like 1000 dollars for the first offense up to 3000 dollars for the second offense. Such fines will increase for every subsequent offense. Other serious penalties for driving without insurance in Hawaii may include suspension of driver’s license and jail time.

If you do not adhere to the required insurance liability limits that are appropriate for you, then you cannot drive in the State of Hawaii. You are required to give up your car registration and license plates, which means you are not qualified to operate the car within the state.

Hence, it is crucial to know the penalties that you will face if you violate this law. It is advisable for you to contact your car insurer to help you obtain appropriate insurance, which will allow you to drive your car around Hawaii.

Hawaii DUI Laws and Penalties

If you are slapped with a DUI citation in Hawaii, you have to take immediate action in order to make sure that your license is protected. You must see to it that the case is handled by a qualified DUI attorney, to preserve your privilege to drive. There is certainly a great urgency to work on the case because License Revocation Office will immediately work on revoking your driving privilege. Failure for you to take immediate action means losing your change and privilege to drive.

DUI is acknowledged to be a criminal case in Hawaii. If you get involved in a DUI, there are two possible ways in which the Hawaiian Courts will look at it. First, they will try you as an individual who is impaired to drive. Second, they will convict you for the violation of Hawaii DUI laws. Either way, you will still be criminally charged if you commit DUI in Hawaii.

If you are finally convicted of DUI in the state, you may expect your driving license to be suspended for three months. In case that you presented your need to drive because of current employment, the original suspension period will be reduced to a month. However, driving during the 90-day period will only be limited to and from your place of work. Hawaii penalties for committed DUI are enough for anyone to spend time in jail and monetary fine. Such penalties will definitely increase, if the offense is continuously committed.

Hawaii Auto Insurance Rates compared to the National Average

Driving in the State of Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the pleasures in a life of a Hawaiian resident. You will enjoy breathtaking views, while having a composed driving attitude and complete adherence to driving speed limits. This keeps Hawaii roads totally safe, since accidents are kept at a minimum. This is the reason why Hawaii car insurance rates are known to be lower than the country’s average. Indeed, the state is top-notch in a recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, revealing low incidents of car accidents resulting in injury. This fact makes its no reason for anyone in Hawaii not to obtain even the most basic auto insurance policy. It is undeniably a sound idea for you or anyone in the State to have insurance, to ensure medical care and other essential benefits, in case of any accident.