Massachusetts No Fault Insurance

Massachusetts adheres to no fault insurance, which is a system wherein policyholders will not be able to sue for non-monetary damages, like physical pain or emotional distress. All US states utilize a modified system permitting drivers to sue, if they get inflicted with any injury. The threshold amount of the State of Massachusetts, in the case of no fault insurance, is 2,000 dollars. If more expenses are added to this amount, the person may sue.

License insurers in the State of Massachusetts automatically report no fault auto insurance directly to the State Department of Motor Vehicles. Massachusetts insurance carriers must likewise report dropped or cancelled no fault auto insurance to ensure that every car within the state complies fully with the law.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Requirements (PIP and Property Damage)

Massachusetts Auto insurance requirements pay as much as 8,000 dollars to you or anyone driving your vehicle, anyone in your household, pedestrians and passengers, no matter who might have caused the auto accident. Personal Injury Protection, or PIP insurance coverage, pays for hospital expenses, replacement service costs, and as much as three-fourths of lost wages.

PIP Massachusetts car insurance pays for medical costs over 2,000 dollars that are not covered with the medical insurance. However, this is only after such expenses have been studied by the insurer, in order to find out which among them will be paid.

When it comes to property damage, your insurer will have to pay for any damage done in another individual’s property. A minimum insurance coverage limit of 5,000 dollars is required for Massachusetts car insurance.

With the increase in the costs of car and property repair, it is advisable for you to buy more than the required 5,000-dollar minimum car insurance limit. This is done at minimal expense to you. These days, auto insurance limits of 50,000 dollars, or even 100,000 dollars are normally purchased by policyholders in the state of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Penalties for Driving without Insurance

The State of Massachusetts requires drivers to carry proofs of car insurance in their vehicles at all times. If you want to drive the roads of Massachusetts, you must have insurance, which you must present, in case an officer requests to see it. As in other US states, there are Massachusetts penalties and fines for driving without any insurance. If you are caught driving without any insurance in the State of Massachusetts, you will be fined a minimum amount of 500 dollars. The maximum fine, on the other hand, is 5,000 dollars. You will likewise face a maximum of one year in jail, in addition to your fine.

In order to avoid unnecessary fines and jail time in the State of Massachusetts, you should immediately get insurance for your car. You simply register your car in Massachusetts. You will need to have your active insurance policy properly stamped by a state insurance agent. He will likewise sign your MV-1 application for you.

Massachusetts DUI laws and penalties

Massachusetts DUI laws use DUI and DWI as terms to describe the offense of drunk driving, and driving while intoxicated. It is considered a crime to drive a car with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or even higher. If you are caught with committing the offence of either DUI or DWI, Massachusetts will slap you with both administrative and criminal penalties, like revocation of licenses, court-imposed fines, period of community service, and even jail time.

Massachusetts first-time offenders of DUI face up to two years of jail time and a fine of 500 to 5,000 dollars. If you are a first-time offender, your driver’s license might be suspended for as long as one year. If you are a second-time offender of DUI, you can be jailed for up to thirty months. On the other hand, fines will run as high as 10,000 dollars. Penalty includes suspension of driver’s license for up to two years. Repeat offenders will surely get heavier fines and jail times, one of the most serious of which is permanent revocation of driver’s license.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates vs. National Average

Since the implementation of the fix-and-establish safe driving insurance plan, Massachusetts car insurance rates decrease considerably, as compared to the national average rates. The lowered insurance rates become fixed because of the increase in auto insurers into the Massachusetts insurance market. This is welcome news for drivers of the state, since Massachusetts auto insurance rates have fallen considerably much below the national insurance average rates. Consistently low-fatality rate on the road and the small number of uninsured Massachusetts drivers will certainly bring the state’s car insurance rates even further down.