Michigan DUI Laws

The DUI law in Michigan makes it a misdemeanor to drive while having at least a .08 percent Blood Alcohol Concentration o BAC. More than a quarter of traffic and road fatalities in the state involve the use of alcohol. While the recent years saw a decline in the number of deaths related to traffic, percentage of all accidents connected to alcohol has not gone down. Ample research have shown that driving a vehicle after the consumption of even just one alcoholic drink can make an individual more prone to road and traffic accidents.

What is Considered DUI in Michigan (in terms of BAC Levels)?

Michigan, like most US states, considers drunk driving as a misdemeanor committed by a driver that has a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08 percent, or even higher. The .08 percent limit is the recognized as the standard drunk driving level of an impaired driver in all the US States.

The state of Michigan has lower limits for BAC for drivers below 21 years of age, as well as commercial drivers. Apart from Michigan’s Operating While Intoxicated or OWI law, the state has another drunk-driving law known as the Operating While Visibly Impaired or OWVI law. This law states that because alcohol is in the driver’s body, his ability to drive is visibly impaired. If you drive a motor vehicle while you have even a small amount of alcohol in your body; this is considered as a misdemeanor under the OWVI law of Michigan.

What are the Penalties for OUI Michigan?

Penalties for committing Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) offense are stiff. If you are a first-time OWI offender, you will face:

  • As much as 93 days jail time
  • Maximum of $500 fine
  • Maximum of 360 hours of rendering community service
  • Six points on his driver’s license
  • Maximum of 180 day suspension of his driver’s license
  • Possibility of a restricted license after thirty days

The Driver Responsibility Program of the State of Michigan might mean that anyone who is convicted of OUI offence will be fined with $1,000. The amount is payable for two years to the Secretary of State. If you are convicted of an OWI, you will face a penalty of $500 assessed for two straight years. In addition to these are other fines that will be decided by the court.

How Does DUI Michigan affect Auto Insurance Rates

If you have committed an OUI offense in Michigan, this will be reflected in your driving records. Normally, if you want to buy insurance policy for your vehicle, the company requests for a copy of your driving record. Obviously, any OUI will be noted in your record. You will then be offered insurance with a much higher rate because you are considered to be a high-risk driver.

Automatically, any OUI offense and conviction affect your ability to request for a low rate for your insurance. OUI adds points to your driving record, which translates to more charges for your insurance. As it is, numerous accumulated points in any driving history mean that the driver has committed various offenses and misdemeanors.

OUI conviction not only leads to suspension or revocation of licenses, fines and even jail time, but it can also result to higher insurance rates. There are insurers that might decide in not insuring any driver who has OUI in his driving record. Hence, it is a must the drivers in Michigan must try to research for an insurer that will provide insurance at a competitive, whether or not they have committed an OUI.

SR22 insurance Michigan

One of the things that DUI can lead to is the need to buy SR22 insurance Michigan. What is SR22 Insurance? It is basically a proof of the driver’s financial responsibility to the State because of his DUI offense. Because of your DUI, you have been labeled by your insurer as a high-risk driver. This means that the state will require you to obtain SR22 insurance policy.

SR22 insurance is a form ensuring that you will be able to pay if something happens as you drive. You will have to maintain your policy for 3 years. If you allow your policy to lapse prematurely, your insurance company will notify the State of Michigan, which in turn will have your driver’s license suspended.

SR22 insurance can be quite expensive. However, there are numerous insurance agents who offer Michigan SR22 insurance. It is wise that you shop around for the best providers and choose the one that offers that most affordable, yet effective insurance deal.