New Jersey DUI

Driving under the Influence, or DUI, is considered to be an offense in all 50 US states, including New Jersey. It is against the State of New Jersey DUI law to drive a motor vehicle while having a Blood Alcohol Content Level, or BAC, of over .08 percent. However, even when a New Jersey driver has a BAC level of below the limit, he can still be arrested by any road officer if he deems the driver to be impaired. The state, along with many others, may drivers of the misdemeanor “driving while ability impaired,” also called DWAI, for operating a motor vehicle while having lesser alcohol content in their system.

What is considered DUI in New Jersey (in terms of BAC levels)?

The scientific way of finding out whether or not an operator of motorized vehicle is under the influence is via blood alcohol concentration or BAC. Your BAC level may be tested in an effective manner with the use of a simple device known as a Breathalyzer. In the state of New Jersey, an individual can be guilty of drunk driving offense if he drives a motor vehicle with having a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.08 percent, or even greater.

However, even as the laws of Michigan or that of all US state considers 0.08 percent BAC as a limit, you may still be convicted of a DUI offense even if your Blood Alcohol Concentration level is under the 0.08 percent limit. As it is, the consumption of even tiny amounts of alcoholic drink dulls the basic senses of an individual. It likewise decreases one’s reaction time, while it hampers vision, alertness and good judgement. If you take in even a small amount of alcohol, which had a negative impact on your driving abilities, you may be convicted of DUI if caught.

What are the penalties?

If you are convicted of a DUI New Jersey offense, you are considered to be a serious offender. You are bound to carry stiff penalties and fines, as well as various surcharges and fees. You can expect your license to be suspended, use of Ignition interlock gadget, community services and even jail time. When it comes to the ignition interlock device, you will have to blow into it in order to start your car. The car will not start if the device traces any alcohol on your breath.

You commit DUI New Jersey if your BAC is at least 0.08 percent. If you are a first-time DUI offender, you will have to pay a fine of $250 to $400, and serve jail time of a maximum of 30 days. Your license will be suspended for three months. You will have to attend a two-day course in a New Jersey Intoxicated Driver Center. Finally, you will have to pay insurance surcharge of 1,000 dollars for three consecutive years.

For a New Jersey driver who has been arrested with a Blood Alcohol Concentration level of at least .10 percent, the corresponding penalties and fines are more severe. His driver’s license will be immediately suspended for a maximum of one year. The amount of fines that he needs to pay will be exorbitant. She must blow into this device in order to start her vehicle, and the motor will not start if the mechanism detects any trace of alcohol at all on her breath.

How does DUI Affect New Jersey Car insurance Rates?

If you commit DUI within the state of New Jersey, you are considered as a serious offender who is bound to suffer with stiff penalties and fines. The state of New Jersey takes such DUI offenses seriously. Needless to say, a New Jersey DUI has a serious effect on auto insurance rates.

In New Jersey, if you are convicted of a DUI, such conviction will be noted on your driving record on a permanent basis. This only means that even if you have completed your 3-year period of surcharge payment, the cost of your insurance will still be higher than that of the standard car insurance policy.

This is sad consequence of having the DUI record on your driving history. Such an offense has tarnished your record, which will require your insurer to keep you listed in the high-risk category. In other words, your DUI offense directly results in higher auto insurance rates.

SR22 insurance New Jersey

New Jersey State SR22 Insurance is a high risk vehicle insurance that is mandated to be obtained whenever necessary by the court or DMV. SR22 vehicle insurance is required for those who have committed a DUI offense, uninsured car accident, or any other major car violation. New Jersey SR22 insurance is must be maintained by the driver for three consecutive years. Purchasing one is very expensive if you select the wrong SR22 Insurance provider, which is why it is a must to find the best insurer who specializes in this insurance.

You have to file SR22 insurance, which is done via electronic or document certification to be issued by the auto insurer. The company, in effect, verifies to the State of Jersey if you have purchased and secured car insurance.

In order to obtain the best SR22 insurance, you may compare a number of SR22 insurance quotes that comes from high-risk car insurance providers. Comparison allows you to select the best from your shortlist of SR22 insurance quotes. It is a must that only the most reliable and customer-oriented insurance company is chosen to provide the best possible SR22 insurance that you need.