New York No Fault Insurance

New York is a no fault state, but there are times when you will be able to sue a driver who seriously injures you. New York allows people to sue another driver who causes them to be disfigured permanently. You can also sue for damages if you suffer broken bones in an accident instigated by another driver.

In New York, you must purchase New York State (NYS) insurance. You will have no other choices other than this one option. If you don’t like the idea of purchasing liability coverage, you won’t be able to drive on public New York roads.

New York Liability Insurance Limits

Bodily injury liability coverage is the insurance that will be tapped if you ever cause a car collision that results in bodily injuries. New York mandates that you have at least $25,000 for someone who is injured or killed in the accident.

If more than one person receives injuries due to the accident or unfortunately loses their lives, you must have $50,000 that will cover all medical bills and/or funeral expenses for everyone involved in the car accident.

If you were to hit someone, the other driver’s vehicle would be damaged and because you were determined to be the one who caused the accident, you will have to pay to have the vehicle repaired. Your property damage liability coverage will cover auto repair bills and you must have $10,000 for this purpose.

Choosing New York No Fault Insurance

Because New York is a no fault state, no fault insurance would be a good purchase. New York requires that you purchase liability insurance, but this is only for the other people involved in an accident that you have caused. If you also purchase no fault insurance, you will have payment for your own bodily injuries.

The Benefit of Comparing New York No Fault Insurance Quotes

When making a decision on where to purchase your liability and New York no fault insurance, it will be beneficial to you to seek a quote from several insurance companies. Especially if you have several assets that you want to protect, you will need to make sure you can purchase enough coverage to pay for all injuries that could be caused in a car collision.

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