North Dakota No Fault Insurance

Every car owner or driver should have adequate car insurance whenever they drive their cars on the streets and highways. Car insurance is very popular and almost all drivers and car owners hold one form of car insurance product or another. The common car insurance products that most drivers are familiar with include comprehensive car insurance, general motor insurance and a myriad of others that combine several aspects of these two popular quotes.

In the US North West, there are a number of states including Utah and Idaho that have an insurance cover referred to as North Dakota no fault insurance. This is an insurance cover for automobiles in the 12 US states with this type of cover. This insurance policy indemnifies a driver when an accident occurs regardless of the party at fault. The reason why the state of North Dakota and other states have taken up this type of insurance is because it eliminates courts from having to decide the arty at fault. This speeds up payments and avoids long, drawn out court cases.

This insurance policy, while reimbursing a policy holder and any passengers in the car during a car crash restricts the entire party from having to seek compensation or sue for damages in a court of law.

The law in the state of North Dakota requires that all motor vehicles have mandatory insurance cover at the following minimum levels. Property damage liability at $25000 per accident, bodily injury liability between $25000 and $50000, uninsured motorist insurance coverage at $25000 to $50000, under-insured motorist coverage at $25000 to $50000 and the no-fault basic car insurance premium at $30000 per person. These are the basic minimum insurance cover requirements for drivers in the state of North Dakota.

There are serious penalties for drivers that operate without a license. These penalties are provided by the law and are usually strictly enforced. Driving without a license puts other drivers, motorists and passengers at risk, especially in the event of an accident. A driver caught driving without the necessary car insurance is fined a minimum of $150 which is what the law provides. However, the case is different if the driver gets involved in a traffic accident or roadside incident. The driver who gets involved in a car accident and does not have insurance will have 14 points taken off their driver’s license. This will trigger an automatic suspension.

In North Dakota, the basic no-fault insurance policy provides cover to drivers for any financial losses incurred in the event of an accident. North Dakota auto insurance companies include some of the best known and most trusted insurance providers in America. These insurance companies licensed to operate in both Utah and North Dakota are required by law to report all insurance policies sold within these two states. The reporting is to the government agency in charge of motor vehicles, the DMV or North Dakota Department of Motor Vehicle. Cars that are registered but do not have the insurance renewed or owner of vehicles whose license expires or gets cancelled also get reported to the DMV or north Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles. This is so as to ensure thorough compliance with the state law regarding insurance and to identify uninsured cars.

A North Dakota DUI or driving under influence is an offense that involves a driver who is caught driving on the highway while under the influence of an intoxicating substance, such as alcohol or illicit drugs. Obtaining car insurance after a DUI incident is usually pretty difficult, but is not impossible. There is usually a process that the applicant will need to undergo, including filling some forms and submitting them. The main form is the SR-22 form which needs to be filled by an applicant with a DUI suspension.