Property Damage Liability

Wondering about car insurance? Go Big!

If you’re trying to save money on car insurance, we advise you to “go big!” Many companies offer flashy insurance rate discounts but faced with a choice, would you rather get the advertised 5% deduction for a spotless driving record or a 50% discount based entirely on the company you chose? Three Rate Inducing Factors [...]

Comprehensive Insurance

Are you looking for cheap comprehensive insurance? Would you like to save time, effort and a lot of money? Now, you can! Complete our simple online form and make the insurance companies compete. It only takes a couple of minutes. Having the freedom to choose will guarantee you finding the right policy for you. Click [...]

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Wondering if full coverage car insurance is worth adding to your policy? Not sure exactly what it is or how much more you will have to pay a year? We will try to answer these questions for you. Once you are armed with the required knowledge and tools, you can make an educated decision and [...]

Utah No Fault Insurance

It is true. The no fault insurance laws in Utah do seem complicated to most people. Often insurance agents use jargon which makes things even more complicated. Well, I let me try summarize the important information regarding Utah No Fault auto insurance and help you save money on your policy. Click here to get FREE [...]

North Dakota No Fault Insurance

Every car owner or driver should have adequate car insurance whenever they drive their cars on the streets and highways. Car insurance is very popular and almost all drivers and car owners hold one form of car insurance product or another. The common car insurance products that most drivers are familiar with include comprehensive car [...]

Hawaii No Fault Insurance

Hawaii No Fault Insurance describes state insurance that pay benefits to policyholders, and even their passengers. This is regardless of the individual responsible for the auto accident. Likewise called personal injury protection, no fault insurance limits premiums even as it reduces expensive litigation. It works by giving immediate payments to individuals involved in an auto [...]

Kansas No Fault Insurance

If you are a resident of Kansas, you are required by its laws to maintain car insurance coverage for every registered car that you have. Kansas no fault insurance, or Personal Injury Protection, is insurance benefit that should be found in all car insurance policies in the state, with limited exceptions. PIP benefits provide appropriate [...]

Pennsylvania No Fault Insurance

Pennsylvania No fault Insurance is not at all a purely no fault plan, but a combination of no-fault and at-fault plans. If you are a driver in the State, the Pennsylvania insurance laws allow you to select your desired plan, which is a choice between no fault and traditional coverage. No Fault Plan under the [...]

New Jersey No Fault Insurance

Have you heard the term NJ No Fault and you wonder what it actually means? New Jersey No Fault insurance, as its also referred to, is a set of rules and regulations regarding auto insurance. Under No Fault law, the insurer compensates you, as insured driver for any monetary loss, regardless of the person at [...]

No Fault States

The term No Fault States is used to categorise states which apply no fault auto insurance laws. Currently there are 12 such states – Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah. If you live in one of these No Fault States, you should familiar yourself with [...]