Utah DUI Laws

Utah DUI Laws prohibit anyone to drive a motor vehicle while he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both with unsafe blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, level. In case you got arrested for a possible DUI offense, you will have to deal with two separate problems concerning your license; these are the Utah court and State Driver’s License Division.

When it comes to the License Division, you must be the one to request the hearing for your DUI case. It is a must that you win both cases involving these two entities; otherwise you lose your license and driving privileges.

The following DUI offenses in Utah can be causes for an arrest:

  • An instance that may cause possible arrest is when your alcohol content is 0.08 percent or even higher
  • Second instance of possible arrest is when you are physically impaired to drive because of alcohol consumption, even if your BAC level has not reached 0.08 percent. In such a case, the police officer will judge whether or not you are capable of driving your car safely.

Utah is considered to be an implied “consent state,” which means that you must agree to undergo a blood alcohol if you are asked by a police officer. You have the right not to take the blood alcohol content test. However, such a refusal will mean you automatically lose your driver’s license for 90 days.

Punishments for a Utah DUI Offense

Utah has some of the strictest penalties and fines when it comes to DUI offense. Penalties are actually affected by the number of DUI arrests you have had in the past. The Utah court will take into consideration all DUI offenses on your record for the last ten-year period. Here are the penalties and fines that you have to face for Utah DUI offenses.

First-time DUI Offense – minimum prison time of 2 days. Instead of prison time, you may subject yourself to home confinement or render work or community service program for 2 days. You need to pay a minimum fine of $700, while your driver’s license will be suspended for 120 days.

Second-time DUI Offense
– minimum prison time of 240 hours. In exchange for this, you can subject yourself to solitary confinement or render community service of 240 hours. Minimum fine to be paid is $800. Suspension of license is for a maximum of 2 years.

Third-time DUI Offense – minimum prison time of 1,500 hours, $1,500 maximum fine, and suspension of license for 2 years.

Once you are charged with Utah DUI, you are responsible for costs associated with the DUI case; these include payment for the ignition interlock device, court expenses, and corresponding fees for driver’s license. Your DUI will likewise mean you have to file SR22 insurance with the Utah DMV.

Other penalties that the state might imposed are supervised probation, impoundment and forfeiture of car, and attendance in alcohol treatment program. As soon as you have satisfied your penalties, you may apply for a reinstatement of your driver’s license. This can be facilitated if you prove financial stability by possessing auto insurance. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find an insurer who will provide you with insurance once you are identified as having a DUI record.

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